Thursday, June 1, 2017

Big Question Presentations Cont... part 2

  • Horace- created the school system
  • dress code
  • Betsy De Vos secretary of education wants to make public schools into private schools
  • fixing it- become the new secretary of education in the future
  • Are human inherently evil, or does society make them evil?
  • put really good people in a really bad place
  • treat force with force
  • the persons in prison were dragged out their cell and treated bad
  • they were abused, aggression
  • the people couldn't handle the aggressiveness
  • experiment ^ 
  • experiment 👇
  • each time they got a question wrong they got a shock
  • many left because they couldn't handle the pressure
  • under certain circumstances some people handle certain tendencies
  • choose to see the good in people
  • treat people equally
  • parents raise them to grow up their way they teach them
  • humans have this mob mentality
  • the peers form of ourselves
  • society makes people change
  • society influences the way humans change - conclusion
  • what is worse, failing or never trying?
  • most people are scared to fail
  • 95% let the fear of failure run their lives
  • failure is nothing to fear its an illusion
  • people won't attempt things due to fear of failure
  • if you never try you might never know if you fail
  • life is about the experience
  • Why do we fear the unknown?
  • our minds take shortcuts
  • we label everything
  • if you make new experiences you would want to embrace to what you have done
  • response of danger usually responds with fear

Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Big Question Presentations Cont...

  • Why do we hurt the people that we love the most?
  • we usually expect a lot from the people we love and when they fail to do it then that's when we get hurt the most
  • comments that people say
  • we don't realize how much we hurt each other until we loose them
  • What goes on in a mind of a serial killer?
  • Donald Henry
  • Juana Barraza (serial killer)
  • Kathleen Folbigg (child killer)
  • it is most likely found in men
  • each killer has their motives
  • early childhood douse or neglect often leads to that
  • most don't feel any remorse about the innocent people
  • murderers are made (child abuse, neglect, the problems that they had/have in life)
  • What am I doing with my life after High School?
  • might go to college
  • according to statistics its better to go off to college
  • wants to become a YouTuber
  • making videos for money
  • inspired by his favorite youtubers
  • engineering is out of the question for him because it requires math
  • can become a game developer
  • all you need a bachelors degree in computer science
  • clash royale- (addicting) beat your high score
  • be able to make a game that anyone can play, anyone might have in interest in
  • Why does music sound good to humans?
  • music is a sound to our ears, which pick up vibrations
  • brains like music because it is more meaningful than any other sound
  • our brains just process regular sounds
  • when we listen to the songs we love the vibrations stimulates our brain
  • tone and tempo are good for animals
  • everything is subjective when coming to different types of genres
  • music is complex and has many elements
  • the vibrations causes to release feelings and emotions

Monday, May 29, 2017

Masterpiece Academy Question

              Who would’ve ever imagined that I would end up liking my English class. Since I’ve started school I have never actually liked my English class. I always found it boring to learn about all these literary techniques, poetry, punctuation, spelling, vocabulary words, etc.… the only thing I didn’t find boring was reading of course. I love reading with and can never get tired of it, well actually I lie. There’s times where I don’t feel like reading. All my thoughts and opinion towards an English class changed this year! I am happy and thankful for having Dr. Preston as a teacher because he has taught me in a way that no other English teacher has taught me. Dr. Preston just has that special way of teaching which makes us understand things in a less difficult/ confusing way.

                This year’s English class has been so different from any others, as I have mentioned previously. There’s something about our class that no other class of mine has ever had, and that is a special bond. We are like a little family in that classroom that has come closer and closer day by day since the beginning of the year. We have made a lot of choices along the way, choices that were pretty much done as a class. As the days went by, we got to know each other better by working together or talking, by doing presentations, Socratic seminars, group work, or even just sitting at our seats and listening to DP talk. As we have come together and connected in a very special way, I feel like I do and so do the others deserve that high level of trust. We have earned that high level of trust by showing the rest what we have to offer them, which is our friendship and trust. What was made in that class will forever be with many and I know one of those persons will be me.

                We read a lot this year in my English class. Not many but enough for me to make some type of connection. I can say that I feel a connection between Emerson and I because he says how we can’t let others make our decisions for us. I agree with the point he is trying to make in “self-reliance.” When I was reading his essay, I felt like if I was the one who was talking and not him. I could also relate to “The Right to Your Opinion.” Everyone in this world has the right to say what they want. Freedom of speech is what we usually use in our everyday lives. We say our thought out loud for everyone to hear. I can connect in some way with this work because I do believe and agree to us having the right to speak. But, when speaking we can’t just say what we think. We always should be prepared with evidence or backup information to our statement. The last one is “The Laughing Heart” by Charles Bukowski. I love how Bukowski says how we you can make every day of your life better. I can somehow connect with him because that’s what I tell myself. For example, when I’m having a bad day I tell myself “tomorrow will a new day and better one!” I always try to keep a positive mentality just like the author does.

                I have reconnected with a passion that drives me this year. That passion is called reading and I have learned to love it again. Back in Junior High School I would read about 2 books every week. I used to love reading in Junior High that I even joined battle of the books and read almost all the books in the list. All that love that I had for reading started fading away when I got to high school. My freshman year I was assigned reading for homework. Even though I liked reading, I didn’t like reading when it was assigned to me, especially when I had to read something that I didn’t like. I started getting assigned books that didn’t interest me and were too boring for me to read. But, junior year in Dr. Preston’s AP Language and Composition class, it all changed. I started getting that passion back for reading. As Dr. Preston introduced me to a lot of work and authors/writers I became very interested and began to read on my own once again. I will continue my learning in reading by not letting my passion fade away like freshman year. I will try to keep reading in my life as I proceed with my learning in the future.

                I don’t remember all the times I have laughed in this course, there was just so many that I lost count of all. The recently laughed, I think it was last week when we were doing presentations for our big questions. Luis’s presentation about dreaming consisted of many funny moments. I have laughed multiple times, especially with my group because we each have some humor in us. There was also this time where I laughed when I were reading “The Great Gatsby.” The thing that made me laugh about “The Great Gatsby” was how Daisy was so stupid to realize what was going on around her. How dumb she was just made me laugh out loud to myself because it was so absurd. This is one of the reasons why I love reading because of how funny each character can be.

                A unifying theme runs through a minimum of five presentations would be a connection. Everyone who has presented their big question so far, has made a connection with themselves to their big question. Of course, our big question is something we wonder about a lot and want to find an answer. Us wanting to find an answer drives us to make connections with ourselves that we see if we can find some clues or at least something. For example, Liliy connected her big question to her dad, Marino connected his to his passion to soccer, Leydi connected hers to her shopping, etc. we all somehow connected our big question to each other’s lives.

                I can’t say that I have fully completed the hero’s journey, I still feel like I need some things I need to do to complete it. I might be a hero to some but not everyone. I know some people that look up to me and thank me for being me. I know because they have told me before and just by hearing that makes me the happiest person alive. It also makes me realize that I am doing something good with my life by making the right choices. I charge my battery completely to charge others people batteries, in other words. I love things for others and helping them out because that’s just me. I do more for people than I do for myself because that’s what makes me happy. In the beginning of the year I was always wondering who my mentor was going to be. I thought about it too much and didn’t realize what was around me. My mentor or should I say mentors, are my friends. I conquer a challenge that I thought I would never be able to do. That was writing an essay in 25 minutes. Yes, I was able to write a whole 5 paragraph essay in 25 minutes.

                In conclusion, this course has opened and offered me a lot of opportunities that I would have never imagines. I am very thankful for being able to go through this year’s English class journey. I will forever be grateful because I learned many things that I’m pretty sure I wouldn’t have learned in another English class. The things I have gained and learned from this English class, I will forever carry it with me. I know it will come in handy one day, probably next year.


Friday, April 28, 2017


               When we read something, what is the first thing we usually think about? We can’t really visualize or fully understand something if it doesn’t include any literary devices. Reading the work of someone else is very different than reading our own. Each person has their own way of thinking; expressing themselves that leads them to write their own way, with their own choice of words.

                The authors diction is this reading is pretty straight forward.  In other words, we can’t tell right away by reading the beginning that it’s colloquial. The way the words are used makes me imagine myself having a conversation with my friend. For example, when he says, “I whipped out my IPhone and started snapping pics of my breakfast.” It’s funny to think about how I can imagine myself saying that. Now, his use of syntax is imagery. It’s an agreement due to us, or myself, being able to relate to what the writer is talking about. It just creates a big scenery inside my head.

                Just by choosing a connection between words can be wonderful. As I read along, word per word, sentence by sentence, I felt every emotion. The tone of the author helped me visualize and enjoy the reading. The authors tone can be described as humorous. He’s not really talking in a formal way from what I read. A rhetorical strategy is attitude because the author is describing his emotions towards his situation. For example, “I wish I could share the meal with her.” It shows how the person is feeling by the choice and order of the words.

                All literary devices matter when writing. Due to colloquial diction, imagery syntax/agreement, humorous tone and attitude in rhetorical strategies, I was able to visualize every word. The choice of words and structure have a meaning. We can make connections in many ways that will help us understand the reading better. The choice of tone just made me really excited and helped me enjoy the reading a lot.

                In conclusion, I can say that I can relate with the author in many ways. His way of writing helped build up to his main point with amazing details. Using the correct words and structure helped me visualize the point he was trying to get to. We can share our memories and everyday lives with the whole world with just one click!

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

2014 AP Prompt Essay

              When we hear the word “education,” what do we think about? We obviously think about school, either if it’s elementary, middle school, high school, or college. Going to school means us getting an education and learning new things. Most of the time, we don’t see the point of attending school or that it’s beneficial. Yes, school can be boring sometimes but we must know that we can get far in life with a higher education. Getting an education shouldn’t be taken by granted, since many people, especially children, around the world don’t have the opportunity to attend a school. Education plays an important role in our everyday lives. Due to the education, they provide us, we can get far in live and determine our future. Just keep in mind that education, no matter the level, is very important and beneficial.

                Thinking about college and everything that must do with it, we sometimes think first about money wise. Paying for college can be very stressful which is why many college students get a job during the summer or while they’re going to school. A research mentions how college student’s unemployment has increased throughout the years. Many jobs prefer a fulltime worker than a part-time worker, like a college student, which is why they unemployed them. Getting unemployed and not having money to pay for college is not an excuse for students not to attend school. Yes, it might be expensive, but all that will pay off at the end. Due to the expenses, we sometimes wonder if a college education is worth the cost. At times, we might say that it isn’t worth the cost but as we grow wiser and get more informed about that field we can say that college is definitely worth the cost. A higher education helps us develop in many ways that will benefit us. For example, source B mentions, “Being ready on DAY ONE, may have sounded nice on the campaign trail, but being able to draw on one’s education over a lifetime is much more practical (and precious). Post-secondary education should help students to discover what they love to do, to get better at it, and to develop the ability to continue learning so that they become agents of change—not victims of it.” A higher education comes in handy and can be useful later in our lives, either by helping develop our own character, skills, potentials, abilities and many more.

                College doesn’t always have to be about money and taking out loans to pay off your education. Many of us love education and don’t mind anything about it, which helps us to not worry much about what surrounds it. Like I mentioned before, education doesn’t have to only be about money, we can use it to make ourselves happy and distract us in a way. We come to think about money wise when we know what major we’re going to study. The cost of your high education depends on what major we want to study and the amount of time. Getting a higher can education doesn’t always have to affect us in a negative way, it can also affect us in a positive way. For example, source d mentions, “A new study even shows that a bachelor’s degree pays off for jobs that don’t require one: secretaries, plumbers and cashiers. And, beyond money, education seems to make people happier and healthier.” We live an experience that not many people can. In other words, everything we do in life is worth it.

                Not doing something and not taking the challenge is the easy way out to this situation. College is not only expensive but it’s also a challenge that not everyone can deal with. Keeping up with that level of education can be very hard to handle and keep up with. It’s a challenge that can change our lives for good and bad. But, we don’t always have to look at it that way, it’s an opportunity and/or challenge that can make an impact in our lives and make us better and more responsible people. When working in that level of high education, we can feel the pressure mostly every day, due to the following: homework, time-management, tests/exams, midterms and most importantly, our grades. Working under that type of pressure we sometimes don’t perform at our best, and tend to lack here and there. For example, source E mentions, “- But Thiel is convinced that the social pressure for students to pursue “lower-risk trajectories” in their career choices will lead to less innovation in the future.” In reference of the source, I can agree with it. Working under pressure isn’t easy and pleasant, it can overpower us and bring us down. Education can affect us, positively and negatively, we choose which one we want by our actions.

                In conclusion, a higher education is very worth it, even though it might seem like a challenge to deal with it for quite a long time. It might be a little pricey, but just in mind that it will pay off at the end when you have everything you have at the moment in that point of your life. An education doesn’t always have to be about learning math, science, historical details and all those classes they make you take, rather it’s more like you developing into a new person with better goals and challenges. We can grow out of comfort zone and become more of confident and self-developed person. So, in my own opinion, I do say that a higher education is worth the cost and that it prepares students for more than just a job or career.